Invicta Mens 13965 Stainless Steel Black and Gold Watch

Invicta Mens 13965 Stainless Steel Black and Gold Watch

This Invicta watch is a great looking piece with the contrasting black and gold watch face. The gold is 18k and plated over stainless steel.

It is also water resistant to 100 Meters (330 feet) for those who spend a lot of time in the ocean or lake.

The hands of this watch are luminous so that it is easy to read at night.

The main benefit of this watch is its look.

Plain and simple it is classy enough to be worn with a suit without being to over-the-top to be worn casually.

The main drawback to this watch is its large crowns.

The watch itself is already pretty bulky and with the addition of large crowns on the side, it can tend to get caught on things more easily.

Why Buy the Invicta Mens 13965 Watch?

Purchase this watch here:
Invicta Men’s 13965 Specialty Chronograph Black Dial Two Tone Stainless Steel Watch

Below are the main reasons that would make this watch a worthwhile purchase.

1. You need an affordable watch that looks great for business or casual wear

2. You prefer a watch you can use in and around water without worrying about ruining it

3. You like a watch with some weight to it and a big round face

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