Montblanc Announces More Affordable Meisterstück Heritage Collection

Montblanc Announces More Affordable Meisterstück Heritage Collection

Montblanc is well known for producing some of the finest quality – as well as most expensive – watches on this planet.

However they have recently moved to shake up the fine timepiece market by announcing the introduction of a more “affordable” line of watches, the Meisterstück Heritage collection.

Affordable is in quotes because the lowest price piece will still retail for 10,000 Euros, a price well out of the range of the average watch consumer. For the quality and craftsmanship that goes into a piece such as this though, that price is essentially a bargain.

By breaking into tier of watches one step below their typical ultra high-end productions, they are changing up the watch game and broadening their once extremely exclusive target market.

Thanks to the excellent leadership by newly appointed CEO Jérôme Lambert, this new collection was driven from idea to reality in a mere 6 months. Record time that surely helped to keep the price of these timepieces down significantly.

With this move Montblanc is trying to position itself as the leader in competitively priced high end watches. It is hoping to grow its revenue from watch sales from its current 25% to help shore up the 45% of revenue that is dependent on the luxury pen market.

Expect to see big things coming from this high end watch maker in the years to come and be the first to get your hand on the new Meisterstück Heritage collection here.

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