Ceramic Watches Review and Buying Guide

Two identical ceramic watches in black and whiteCeramic watches are increasingly becoming more popular as more watch companies realize the value of ceramic material in watchmaking and utilize it better.

Traditionally, the most common material for creating a quality watch is steel but it does have its drawbacks. Steel watches are not suited for everyone as they can be quite heavy, more prone to scratching and not suitable for certain watch styles.

The rise of the ceramic watch has come in part due to it’s advantages over the weaknesses of the traditional material steel.

Three key aspects set ceramic watches apart:

1. They are lightweight

2. They are very durable

3. They are scratch resistant

All these are excellent benefits for watchmakers who use this material and apart from that they allow for the creation of different styles and can better cater to a watch wearer’s personal preferences.

Because of the distinct advantages of ceramic watches, they are very well suited for active wear. The lightweight will keep the watch from interfering with or being bothersome for certain activities and the durability and scratch resistance will ensure that even after a little banging up, the watch will still look and function like new.

Due to the ease of forming and cost-effectiveness of this material for watchmakers, a ceramic watch also can also have the benefit of being relatively cheap.

While it’s true that the majority of a watch’s price will probably be based on the brand and where it’s made, it can be nice to know that there ceramic watches available in an affordable price range.

Three Useful Ceramic Watch Facts

1. It’s Non-Reactive

Unlike some metal watches which can cause skin irritation, especially in the event of perspiration, ceramic watches are non-reactive and won’t even bother the most sensitive skin.

2. It’s Temperature Resistant

No matter what climate you take this watch into, whether dog-sled racing in northern Alaska or laying on the beach in Costa Rica, you can be sure the temperature won’t affect the watch casing keeping the sensitive instruments inside nice and safe.

3. It’s Bullet Resistant?

This material is so strong that it is even used in bullet-proof vests and the only substance harder than the high tech ceramic used in watches is diamond.

Ceramic Watch Brands

There are a wide range of watch brands that now use ceramic to make watches.

The pioneers in the ceramic watch space have unsurprisingly been traditionally high-end brands, but other brands have adopted to material in their lines of more affordable lines of watches.

What Makes Ceramic Watches Perfect for You?

1. You want a watch that doesn’t conflict with your active lifestyle

2. You prefer unique and different styles versus the look of a ‘standard watch’

3. You want an incredibly strong watch that is also easy on your skin

Most Popular Ceramic Watches:

Most popular watches coming soon!