Deep Blue Watches Review and Buying Guide

Two stainless steel Deep Blue watches with blue bezelsDeep Blue watches are designed and built in America by a company of the same name. This company’s sole focus is building watches, more specifically building watches that can be used by divers.

The main selling point of Deep Blue watches is the fact that they can withstand depths of 300 meters with some particular models being able to go up to 3000 meters deep.

The fact that these watches are completely waterproof also makes them quite practical if you regularly doing anything that would involve your wrist continually getting wet or being submerged in water.

A typical Deep Blue watch design include both stainless steel and polyurethane bands with stainless steel bezels. They are uniquely suited to both casual wear and deep diving but could be used while at the gym or playing sports but they are not especially recommended as a dress watch.

While they do have women’s watches, they are much better known for their more popular men’s watches.

Deep Blue watches also tend to be reasonably priced with a typical cost is between $200 and $300 but have some models that can reach up to $1500.

Having been in business many years, they have expanded their catalog to include quite a few different models.

What Makes Deep Blue Watches Perfect For You? (Review Summary)

1. You need an active wear watch that can handle water in any environment

2. You are a regular diver, whether casual or going to extreme depths

3. You prefer a standard, solid watch at a good value that is suited for day to day use

Deep Blue Watch Buying Guide

The WatchEscort team has researched all the available Deep Blue watches to bring you our top recommendations for both men’s and women’s watches.

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Most Popular Deep Blue Watches For Women

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