Designer Watches Review and Buying Guide

Three designer watches being worn on wristDesigner watches are any watch that bears the logo of a well known fashion designer.

Watches in this category are mostly composed of extensions of popular fashion brands that carry a wide range of clothing, accessories and apparel however there are a few watch-only designer brands out there.

Watch-only designer brands aside, there are certain things you need to be aware of when looking for a designer watch. As with any branded item, the price is marked up solely based on that brand but unlike with other fashion segments such as jeans where that marked price will almost always get you a better quality product, rarely do these fashion designer brands offer the same value and craftsmanship as a non-designer watch from a top brand.

There are however some benefits that come along with buying a designer watch that can make a purchase worth it. It all depends on what key features are most important to you and how you plan on using the watch.

Designer Watch Cons

1. Won’t Last Long

Generally speaking, designer watch brands do not tend to last very long.

They are usually pretty good quality as their high prices demand some base quality level, however that quality tends to deteriorate much more quickly with use compared to comparably priced non-designer watch brands.

With a designer watch you can expect maybe 1-2 years of usefulness before wear and tear takes it’s toll rendering the watch beat up and undesirable or broken and dysfunctional.

2. Overpriced

Because these watches have name brands slapped on them, there will always be a significant mark-up that does not tie to quality, durability or value.

Many of these brands simply want to have a watch accessory available for all their brand enthusiasts and are much more concerned with making attractive designs and maintaining an excellent profit margin than providing an amazing quality product at good value.

This mentality means that you will always be over-paying for the quality and value that you end up receiving with these watches.

3. Poor Investment

When you buy one of these designer watches, you are effectively making an investment of your money. Just like any consumer good, it’s value will diminish with time and use.

The problem is that these items only command their high prices as brand new items. The second you remove it from it’s packaging and wear it the value drops dramatically.

Do not expect to be able to resell it for very much on the secondary watch market even if it’s still in excellent condition.

Designer Watch Pros

1. Wide Selection of Designs

One of the great things about fashion designer brands is that they are usually very big and very profitable companies which means they can invest in an extensive line of watches each flaunting its own unique and specialized design.

An important factor in watches for some people is how it matches their own unique style or the occasions they plan on wearing the watch for. For these people, having a wide selection from top name brands to find the perfectly designed watch is a huge benefit.

They can quickly scan through their favorite brands and find watches that are a perfect fit regardless of their other potential drawbacks.

2. The WOW Factor

These brands can also typically take more risks with the styles they offer for their watches. Unless a watch-only designer brand built its name on flashy and unique styles, it is going to be more difficult for them to branch out and try new things.

This means that within the wide selection of different designs you are likely to find an attention grabbing style that is very unique and sure to get you a lot of attention.

Being able to grab attention and compliments can be an important piece of watch ownership for certain buyers.

3. Name Brand Flash

Another huge benefit fashion designer brands have over watch-only designer brands is that typically their brand names are recognized world-wide.

Anywhere you go, you are sure to have the brand recognized whenever asked about it. This can mean the difference between the start of an interesting conversation and a blank stare if the brand was unrecognizable.

So even if a comparable watch-only brand is higher quality and can resell for a fair amount after some use, it may not be worth the blank stares when you mention the less common designer name.

List of High End Designer Watches

These high end fashion design brands are world renown for their beautiful designs, stunning styles and ability to grab and command attention. They represent some of the most luxurious (and expensive) goods available for sale on this planet.

While some watches may be in your somewhat affordable, you can expect the majority of pieces from these designers to cost thousands of dollars.

Brand list coming soon!

List of Lower End Designer Watch Brands

These lower end fashion designer watch brands are typically just as well known but instead of focusing on high priced, exclusive items, they try to make their products available to as many people as possible.

Most these designer watches are quite affordable and even relatively cheap in some cases but often there are a few exclusive pieces costing many hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Brand list coming soon!

Watch-Only Designer Brands

Designer watches produced by a designer who only focuses efforts on crafting beautiful and high quality timepieces is rare, much rarer than the designers who end up branching out into watches just to make more money.

Watch only designers are only motivated by one factor, crafting the best watch ever made. This means much better value for you.

These pieces tend to be less extravagant and flashy than fashion designer watches and instead feature sleek, refined designs that command attention and appreciation in their own way. They are also much higher quality meaning that they could typically last a lifetime if properly maintained.

If you are focused on value and quality more than having a flashy design and name brand, then these are the kind of watches to get.

They will run you about the same as the above fashion designer brands, ranging from the hundreds up to thousands of dollars, however the excellent quality provides the durability to last a long time which means it can much better maintain its value.

With these brands you can expect to be able to recoup a fair amount of your initial investment even if you are selling years later.

List of Watch-Only Designer Watches

Interestingly many top watch-only brands are not actually designer watches.

They might have a popular brand name and produce luxurious watches but unless the brand is the name of a current or former designer, it does not fall into this category.

Exploring these watch only designer watch brands will allow you to expand your horizons from the typical fashion designer brand or luxury watch brand.

Brand list coming soon!