Emporio Armani Watches Review and Buying Guide

Two Emporio Armani Watches with blue and black dialsEmporio Armani is an ultra high end brand by Giorgio Armani that is the only Armani label that is mostly designed by Giorgio himself. There are a variety of clothing and accessory items under this label which includes a rather extensive range of unique watches (Go here to learn more about slightly lower end Armani Exchange watches).

The main selling point for these timepieces is the stunning design and exclusive brand. They are also high quality but when compared to comparably priced alternatives from top watch brands, the value isn’t especially good.

Emporio Armani watches tend to look quite amazing but there is a chance of there being small quality issues that may not make it worth the extra price. This is especially prevalent when it comes to water resistance as some people have had problems with water leaking in and ruining the watch

They cater to both men and women but men have a much wider selection of watches to choose from.

In general these are quite beautiful and even stunning timepieces that stand out, catch attention and look as expensive as they are making them great for business or dress wear and occasional usage but the extensive variety requires further breaking down of look and price.

Emporio Armani Watch Categories

These watches are better described by breaking them down into their specific categories. The Emporio Armani watch line includes 143 styles for men and 59 styles for women (some of which overlap into multiple categories).


These watches contain predominantly tan and brown colors (and in the case of a few of the women’s styles, white) that will be more subtle and blend with your skin tone. They average about $250 with 5 styles available for 5 and 8 for women.


These watches are more stripped down to the basics with beautiful designs created from simplicity. No modern trendy designs here. They average about $325 with 73 styles available for men and 21 for women.


These utilize new ceramic watch technology which produces attractive, durable designs that are light weight and have more of a matte finish. They average about $500 with 18 styles available for men and 13 for women.


These watches are incredibly designed skeleton watch styles which expose the inner mechanical workings of the watch for your viewing pleasure. They average about $375 with 12 styles available for men. No women’s watches are currently available in this style, sorry ladies.


These watches include more sporty, active wear type designs as well as more casual designs. Don’t let the name fool you though as they are not designed especially as active wear watches and we would not recommended them to be used as such. They average about $350 with 41 styles available for men and 8 for women.

Super Slim

These tend to be less wide than average Emporio Armani watches and also offer the option of a rectangular watch face that is nearly flush with the width of the watch strap. They average about $275 with 16 styles available for men and 4 for women.

Emporio Armani Watches Review Summary

What makes these watches perfect for you?

1. You are looking for a high-end exclusive brand more than value

2. You love beautifully designed watches that really grab attention

3. You need a watch that is best suited for occasional use with professional attire

Emporio Armani Watch Buying Guide

The WatchEscort team has researched all the available Emporio Armani watches to bring you our top recommendations for both men’s and women’s watches.

We have selected the following based on a combination of popularity, ratings and uniqueness in style.

Top 3 Emporio Armani Mens Watch Recommendations

Emporio Armani Mens Watch AR2448

#1: Blue Dial Stainless Steel Watch, AR2448

This is the best Emporio Armani Mens watch on the market. It is a stainless steel bracelet style watch with a distinctive blue dial.

Pros: It has an elegant, sophisticated, stylish look that is only emphasized by the beautiful deep blue dial.
Cons: Some people find that the blue color is much darker than they expected especially indoors or in dim lighting.

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More Recommendations Coming Soon!