Flud Watches Review and Buying Guide

Four unique Flud watchesFlud is a small independent fashion brand that got its start in 2007 focusing on developing fresh, unique watches at a very affordable price. Contrary to most brands which start with clothing and expand to watches, it has expanded into other accessories and clothing and has significantly grown their watch line.

The main selling point of Flud watches is the variety of unique, eye catching styles that are available at a very low price. In fact some of their designs you would never find anywhere else such as their popular turntable watch with an almost flawless resemblance to a real turntable.

They only make mens watches (although some could probably double as uni-sex) and go for a style focused more toward a street and urban look.

Basically they are offering a decent watch with a unique design that is 2-4x cheaper than your typical designer or fashion watch. If you’re on a serious budget but want a watch that stands out and looks nice, then Flud is one of the best brands available.

The price averages about $55, far less than than comparable quartz powered watches, with prices dropping as low as $20 and up to around $120.

Unfortunately the quality can be a bit hit or miss. Also they only warranty the inner working of the watch, not the actual strap and case, so if something breaks outside of the timekeeping ability, you are out of luck.

That is not too big of a downside however given how much more affordable these pieces really are. Not to mention that even for more expensive designer and fashion watches that do offer a full warranty, it is hardly worth the hassle and cost to get the watch fixed or replaced anyway.

Flud watches are primarily suited for light use in casual wear. Basically they make great, affordable accessories to complement whatever style you’re going for. Some might work decently with dress wear but business wear is probably out of the question. Also it is not recommended to use these as active wear because the chances of breaking it are higher.

Flud Watches Review Summary

What makes these watches perfect for you?

1. You are looking for a decent quality watch at a great price

2. You prefer designs that are unique and look more expensive than they really are

3. You don’t mind sacrificing a bit on quality to get a good looking watch

Flud Watch Buying Guide

We have researched all the available Flud watches to bring you our top recommendations for both mens and womens watches.

We have selected the following based on a combination of popularity, ratings and uniqueness in style.

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