Gold Watches Review and Buying Guide

Two gold watches with diamond encrusted bezelsTrying to the perfect gold watch can be a difficult endeavor, let WatchEscort guide you the perfect watch at the best price.

Gold watches come in all shapes and sizes and at wide range of prices although typically for a quality gold watch you can expect to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you’re on a budget though, there are still plenty of more affordable options.

These kinds of watches can be a great investment in your style and be perfect for those nights out when you want to show off a bit or just be a great looking piece to wear around on a day to day basis. Typically you wouldn’t find anyone wearing the more expensive pieces at any old time however due to the risk of getting it scratched or scuffed.

There are many reason why you might want to buy this type of watch but usually the reasoning can be boiled down to three important factors:

1. It’s a status symbol
2. It catches people’s attention
3. It looks very classy

Types of Gold Watches

There a few different types of gold watches that you need to keep in mind when making a purchase. Each type has different pros and cons but it is important to know exactly what you’re looking for so you can find the perfect watch:

Rose Gold Watches

These watches are created using a gold and copper alloy that produces the stunning reddish or pinkish hue and come in a wide range of designs from many of the major watch brands.

If you’re in the market for a beautiful rose gold watch then you’ll be happy to know that these kinds of watches can be found from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Given the popularity of this color of watch, you will likely be able to find a style that suits you well from one of your favorite brands.

Keep in mind though that these watches are plated (see Gold Plated Watches below) and that they carry no significant gold value.

Solid Gold Watches

These watches are typically at the pinnacle of beauty and design but will also carry a very hefty price tag.

If you’re in the market for a solid gold watch you can expect to be paying thousands of dollars due to the high price of gold. Plus you will likely have a much more limited selection to choose from given that these pieces are more rare.

Any watch that claims to be solid gold but carries a small price tag is likely fake and in reality is one of the next types

Gold Plated Watches

These watches can be just as beautiful and well-crafted as their solid gold counterparts but carry a much more reasonable price tag.

If you’re in the market for a gold plated watch, you can expect to be paying in the hundreds of dollars range although some brand with gold plated watches will undoubtedly command prices in the thousands. For this type of watch you can expect to find a wide range of models and prices to choose from so there will definitely be an option available to suit your style.

The thing to understand about these watches is that the amount of gold used to ‘plate’ the watch is so minimal that there is no intrinsic value here. It is advised to base your judgment on the brand or style instead because the gold itself isn’t worth anything.

Gold Colored Watches

These watches are much more likely to be lower quality but also incredibly cheap.

If you’re in the market for simple gold colored watch, you can expect to find an endless of amount of styles to choose from all at very low prices.

Most Popular Gold Watches:

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