Jacques Lemans Watches Review and Buying Guide

Six different Jacques Lemans watchesThe Jacques Lemans watch company was founded in 1975 in Austria and is still headquartered there today. The watches are manufactured in Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Jacques Lemans watches are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide and are particularly popular in Europe. However the brand isn’t as well known in the United States, making it hard to find the watches at brick-and-mortar retailers.

Most are in the mid-range price category, between $200 and $500. Watches in the Formula One (F1) line can be found for less than $100; at the opposite end of the Jacques Lemans price spectrum some watches in the flagship Geneve line sell for $1000-$2000.

They are available for men and women. For both sexes the brand aesthetic is classic and subtle—even the jewel-accented watches manage to be understated.

Jacques Lemans watches have the look and feel of watches that cost twice as much: in fact the main selling point of a Jacques Lemans watch is its value for the money.

Although the quartz movements of the more inexpensive Jacques Lemans are made in Asia rather than Switzerland their quality is still considered to be very good. Swiss-made Geneve watches are beautifully made and wear well, according to their owners.

Jacques Lemans is particularly well known for automatic watches that deliver premium quality at an affordable price. Geneve automatic watches feature Swiss movements, while the Biene and Porto lines feature Japanese movements. The rectangular Biene automatic watch has Roman numerals and would make an excellent dress watch.

Jacques Lemans also has a new collection of fashionable ceramic watches for men and women. These watches have more modern styling, with black or white ceramic bands and coordinating stainless steel cases.

There appear to be few if any quality-control issues with watches from Jacques Lemans. It’s possible that the stainless steel bands are somewhat generously sized; however if the band is too large for you it’s easy enough to have it resized.

Jacques Lemans Watches Review Summary

What makes these watches perfect for you?

1. You want an affordable automatic watch

2. You appreciate sophisticated style

3. You would love a luxury timepiece but don’t have a ton of money to spend

Jacques Lemans Watch Buying Guide

We have researched all the available Jacques Lemans watches to bring you our top recommendations for both mens and womens watches.

We have selected the following based on a combination of popularity, ratings and uniqueness in style.

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