Marc by Marc Jacobs Watches Review and Buying Guide

Eight different models of Marc by Marc Jacobs watchesMarc by Marc Jacobs is a lower end line of products produced by the Marc Jacobs brand that includes watches. The higher end Marc Jacobs brand does not currently offer watches.

The main selling point of these watches is the stunning look offered by their diverse range of metallic bracelet style watches. While they offer other styles as well, it is clear that this is the Marc by Marc Jacobs specialty.

The popular metallic styles include basic stainless steel as well as stainless steel plated in gold or rose gold and colors such as black and white.

Many of these pieces look gorgeous and are made from good quality material. Like any designer brand however, you can’t expect much from the watch in terms of durability or expect it to hold up well after a couple years of wear and tear.

Marc by Marc Jacobs watches are primarily focused on women as indicated by the extensive range of 139 different designs. They do however have 41 different mens designs to choose from as well.

The prices for womens watches on average retail at about $225 with offerings as low as $175 and as high as $450. Mens watches retail at an average of $275 and range from $175 to $400.

Due to the beauty and fanciness of these designs they are well suited for business wear as well as dress wear with some offering a sophisticated look that can go well with casual wear. It is not recommended to use these watches as active wear or as a daily watch if you are rougher on your watches.

For the price you can likely find watches that offer better value. However if you are set on a certain style only available by this brand, or prefer a good quality stainless steel bracelet style watch, then you’ll be very happy with your purchase.

What Makes Marc by Marc Jacobs Watches Perfect For You? (Review Summary)

1. You prefer all metallic watches with a bracelet style band

2. You want an affordable watch by a popular designer

3. You are going for a higher end, fancy look

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch Buying Guide

We have researched all the available Marc by Marc Jacobs watches to bring you our top recommendations for both mens and womens watches.

We have selected the following based on a combination of popularity, ratings and uniqueness in style.

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