Marc Ecko Watches Review and Buying Guide

Iced out watch by Marc Ecko watchesMarc Ecko watches are produced by Ecko unltd. a company founded by fashion designer Marc Milecofsky better known as Marc Ecko.

This got it’s start in urban youth culture where it quickly grew and expanded into more specific skater and hip hop niches thus solidfying the type of style it represents to this day.

The Marc Ecko watch collection is quite small and is split between the slightly higher end and more expensive Marc Ecko brand watches and Unlimited watches by Marc Ecko (also represented as Unltd). They are also exclusively focused on the male demographic.

The main selling point of these watches are their blingy and flashy metallic luxury-looking style with most of the models being dominated by combinations of gold, silver, black and in some cases crystals.

These crystal embedded or ‘iced’ watches are very unique in that this styling on watches is typically reserved just for women. They have successfully adapted this style to mens watches which makes sense due to their niche. Hip hop celebrities routinely promote mens jewelry laced with diamonds and refer to it as ‘ice’ or being ‘iced out’, much more masculine names.

Aside from this primary style, there are a handful of much more casual and sporty designs available with rubber and leather straps.

As with any designer watch, the movement is basic quartz and the durability is likely lacking providing low value for your money. The unique look is instead what you are paying for.

Many owners of these watches have however noted that the watch itself has great weight to it, looks classy and feels like it is good quality.

The majority of these watches are best suited for fancy/designer casual wear, dress wear and business wear but there are some models that could work as basic casual or active wear. It is recommended that you try not to be too rough with the pieces as being designer, they are at a higher risk of breaking easier.

Very few brands can measure up to the blingy style Marc Ecko specializes in so if that is what you are into, this is brand to go with.

Marc Ecko Watches Review Summary

What makes these watches perfect for you?

1. You are primarily looking for bling and a watch that is iced out

2. You prefer expensive looking gold and silver stainless steel watches

3. You are more concerned with the look and feel than long term durability

Marc Ecko Watch Buying Guide

We have researched all the available Marc Ecko watches to bring you our top recommendations from all their mens watches.

We have selected the following based on a combination of popularity, ratings and uniqueness in style.

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