Nautica Watches Review and Buying Guide

N08525g Date Quartz by Nautica WatchesNautica is a popular clothing and accessory line that has expanded into the watch space and is currently owned by Timex.

The main selling point of these watches is their wide range of colorful and classy styles. Their designs are not particularly unique but they are very trendy and fashionable with a color of watch available that will match any style.

These are quality watches that offer good value but, as with most branded watches by a company that is not solely focused in that space, a Nautica watch is not the absolute best value for your money.

The average price range for these watches is between $80 and $120 and don’t typically go much over $200 or under $50. If buying one these timepieces, it’s best for that decision to be based on a certain style and look that might be hard to find with other brands.

Do keep in mind that despite being rather durable, quality watches, many customers have had trouble with the water resistance rating that a lot of them come with. It is not recommended to wear any of these watches when they might get submerged under water regardless of what it says about resistance.

Nautica watches are best used as a day to day watch where the watch fits a particular style you’re going for. They do have some classier designs and could probably be suitable as active wear but it’d be best to keep them a little more protected just in case and maybe choose a different brand if you’re going for the professional or dress look.

Sorry ladies but Nautica doesn’t really cater to you when it comes to this department. Many of the styles could be considered uni-sex but their primary focus is clearly on making good looking watches for men.

What Makes Nautica Watches Perfect For You? (Review Summary)

1. You are looking for a trendy watch that will match your style well

2. You want a watch that you only plan on using as casual wear

3. You need a quality watch that offers good value and you like the brand

Nautica Watch Buying Guide

The Watch Escort team has researched all the available Nautica watches to bring you our top recommendations for both men’s and women’s watches.

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