Nixon Watches Review and Buying Guide

Four silver and black Nixon watchesNixon watches was a brand started in 1997 by a company of the same name in California and was later sold to Billabong who is currently the majority shareholder of the company. The watches are currently made in Switzerland and can be considered authentic ‘Swiss’ watches.

The Nixon watch brand produces a wide range of other items besides just watches including clothing, accessories and music gear.

The main selling point for these watches are their unique, classy, quality designs offered at an affordable price. While the watches aren’t cheap by any means, customers tend to agree that the watches offer great value for the price.

While Nixon watches are high quality, do be warned that it could be difficult or impossible to get the band replaced on them if it does happen to get damaged, making a new watch purchase the only option.

Their main focus appears to be their men’s watches which make sense considering this is where they got their start but they have very successfully expanded into women’s watches as well and have a variety of styles for both genders that are quite popular.

The average price range for a Nixon watch is between $200 and $400 although of the 75 different men’s watch styles and 41 different women’s watch styles some can get above $1,000 with a handful being between $100 and $200.

Most of the Nixon watches are quite classy and well suited for fancy dinners and nights out on the town but they can also be modest enough to be worn around day to day. While they are very durable, due to their expense, it is not recommended to use them for active wear as you risk scratching or scuffing the them.

What Makes Nixon Watches Perfect For You? (Review Summary)

1. You are looking for a unique and classy watch design

2. You want a watch that looks good without being too flashy

3. You would like a quality, swiss-made watch that is affordable

Nixon Watch Buying Guide

The WatchEscort team has researched all the available Nixon watches to bring you our top recommendations for both men’s and women’s watches.

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