Omega Watches Review and Buying Guide

Two different Omega watchesOmega is a long established Swiss watch brand currently owned by the Swatch Group and has produced some of history’s most famous and most accurate watches. They remain today as one of the best watch brands in the world.

This brand has continually been on the cutting edge of watch technology allowing it to rack up many awards along the way and establish itself as the chief Swiss watch competitor to the dominating Rolex watch brand. These two top Swiss watch brands are in a constant battle for the right be the premier Swiss watch brand in what has been intuitively deemed: Omega vs. Rolex

The main selling point of an Omega watch comes down to the beautiful and bold designs and practically perfect time keeping. These expensive watches do have strong brand power but watch enthusiasts the world over do tend to agree that these watches are well worth their expensive price tag.

The average price of one of these beautiful timepieces is between $3000 and $5000 but some models are available for around $2000 and a few are up in the 5-figure range. Clearly these watches are well out of the budget range for your average person.

Yes, these watches are expensive but you can expect a lot out of them:

1. They are incredibly durable, water-resistant and scratch resistant, making them great as active wear (as long as a little weight on your wrist won’t cause any problem).

2. They are very classy and distinguished offering an array of styles perfectly suited for day to day wear as well as dress and professional attire.

3. They will last for many years and keep time as accurately as any watch on the market.

There are however some potential drawbacks to owning an Omega watch:

1. Servicing these watches can be a very expensive ordeal and some models may require servicing every few years.

2. Many customers who have had to deal with servicing whether due to a fault with the watch or standard service have found the customer support to be horrendous (Basically, don’t expect to be treated like the valued customer you are after having spent thousands on one of their watches).

Most Omega wearers are able to go through their use of the watch without having to deal with customer service due to the high quality of the timepiece, but should that need arise, you may have quite the headache to deal with.

Omega is very well known and prized as a men’s watch but they also have produced an exquisite line of women’s watches offering the same stunning style and quality that they are known for.

Omega Watch: Moments in Time

1. Had numerous 1st place finishes in precision timing competitions held from 1894 to 1972

2. Was selected by both Britain’s Royal Flying Corps and the American army as the official combat timekeeping device during Wold War I

3. Has been the Olympic Games’ primary official timekeeping device since 1932

4. Was the first watch to function in Space during the moon landing of 1969

5. Has been the official James Bond watch since 1995

6. Became PGA (Professional Golf Association) of America’s official timekeeper in 2011

What Makes Omega Watches Perfect For You? (Review Summary)

1. You desire a bold yet practical watch and have a large budget

2. You love a watch that you can take anywhere and wear all the time without worrying about it being damaged

3. You prefer a classy, sophisticated and beautiful looking timepiece that keeps near perfect time

Omega Watch Buying Guide

The Watch Escort team has researched all the available Omega watches to bring you our top recommendations for both men’s and women’s watches.

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