Sport Watches Review and Buying Guide

Sport WatchesSport watches are essentially any watch that is intended for use while performing any kind of activity, aka an active wear watch. These watches typically include unique or advanced features that you won’t find in a typical watch.

Due to the advanced functionality needed for a sport watch, they are typically digital although some analog varieties do exist. Since digital watches are much cheaper to make than an analog watch, they are usually not considered to be collectible or even desirable by most watch enthusiasts.

They are also tend to favor practicality over style making many of these timepieces not suitable as dress or business wear.

While a standard sports watch can be had for quite cheap, the more expensive they get the better watchmakers are usually able to blend practicality with price which can make for some very impressive pieces.

Sport Watch Prices

There are two main price zones for a sport watch that both serve completely different needs. By having an idea of what kind of watch you are looking for, you’ll be better able to determine the budget you will require to get a watch that fits your needs.

Cheap Sports Watches

If you don’t have much of a budget then you’ll be constrained to these watches. In general a cheap sport watch can be had for between $15 and $50. This is what you can expect to get:

1. Mediocre Quality – They will be lower quality, will more easily break and will have to be replaced more often.

2. Poor Style – They won’t look that great and probably only be bearable to wear while performing your preferred sport

3. Basic Practicality – They will only have basic functions like an alarm, stop watch and lap timer.

Expensive Sports Watches

Now if you have a little bit of money to spend, you can get a stylish and practical (sometimes excessively) watch. In general an expensive sport watch can be had for between $150 and $300. Luckily, the upper bound of this typical price range really isn’t that high which can allow you to get great value on an excellent watch. This is what you can expect to get:

1. High Quality – They will be very durable, very difficult to break or scratch and will probably last for many years.

2. Great Style – They will look great and have a sleek and fancy modern design that you would not be ashamed to wear all the time.

3. Excellent Practicality – They will have many really cool features or really specific advanced functionality that put cheap watch to shame.

Types of Sport Watches

Sports watches come in all shapes and sizes with different and unique purposes suited to each individual sport or activity. The following are the three most common sport watches although you can likely find a specific type of watch suited for any major sport.

Running Watch

These watches come in a variety of functionalities suited for every person from the most casual jogger to the most advanced athelete. They are lightweight, small, feature easy to set and manage lap timing controls and are typically water resistant at a basic level.

More advanced versions integrate GPS and heart rate monitoring they can allow anyone to take their training to the next level.

They can be somewhat stylish if the sporty theme is your style but this look is not suited for everyone.

Dive Watch

These watches differ simply in the depth they are able to function at and the deeper they can go, not surprisingly, the more expensive they get. They are usually very heavy, very big, luminous (can glow in the dark) and are incredibly durable (They have to be to withstand the extreme force that water pressure can put on them).

For a very casual scuba diver you’ll only need a watch with water resistance rated to 100M and slightly more advanced divers will most likely require a watch with water resistance rated to 200M.

There are however watches rated 300M and 1000M+ which are pretty much only necessary for professional divers. These are designed for saturation diving and have a special helium release valve that allows gas to escape the watch case after it has seeped in and keeps the watch from exploding.

These timepieces are usually beautifully designed with a sophisticated style and sometimes borderline acceptable dress wear.

Hiking Watch

These are typically very advanced digital watches that include GPS, a calendar, altimeter (measures elevation), a barometer (used for forecasting weather) and have a basic level of water resistance. Essentially if you’re an avid hiker and camper, you wouldn’t go anywhere without this specialized kind of watch.

They are suitable for the average outdoorsy person however who likes to have a deeper understanding of their environment.

These can be stylish but only if your style is outdoorsy. If you don’t know what this means then don’t expect to wear the watches outside of your camping trip, otherwise you’ll find these to be a really cool everyday watch.

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