Stuhrling Watches Review and Buying Guide

Three different types of stuhrling watchesStuhrling is a watch manufacturer that’s been in business since 1999. The company lays claim to Swiss roots but is apparently headquartered in the United States and the watches seem to be largely produced in China.

Stuhrling has more than a dozen different men’s and women’s collections. Most are Stuhrling Originals, Chinese-made and -designed with typical materials for a lower-end designer watch.

The Prestige collection does seem to be made with higher-quality materials, including Swiss movements, and may actually be manufactured in Switzerland. The two lines are easily distinguished by the words “Original” or “Prestige” on the watch face.

Stuhrling watches are priced from around $50 to about $1500, with the vast majority selling for $400 or less. Be aware as you’re shopping this brand that the MSRP is set ridiculously high and marked down by 50-75% for actual sale.

Despite the watches’ origin, overall quality is pretty good. In fact the main selling point of this brand would be its value for dollar.

The brand’s collections are very distinctly different from each other. Women’s Vogue watches feature pastel colors and crystal-bedecked faces with hearts and pearls and max out at $200. Men’s and ladies’ AquaDivers are diving-style watches with 100m water resistance and Swiss quartz movements.

Ladies’ Fusion are ceramic watches, men’s Gatsby have square faces. There’s practically a Stuhrling for any possible use—work, weekends, going out, or being active.

Including watches designed for the aficionado market: Prestige and Special Reserve are mostly automatic with Swiss components; and there’s quite a range of tourbillons which can usually be found for around $600, a relative bargain for that particularly complex movement.

One consistent element of the brand is that the cases on the men’s watches are somewhat taller than is typical. Be aware that although the cases are not abnormally wide the watches will stand off your wrist a bit more.

Despite being largely made in China, owners are happy with the watches overall. Occasionally manufacturing errors turn up in the lower-priced models but the premium lines get good reviews for quality. All Stuhrlings seem to keep time very well.

Stuhrling Watches Review Summary

What makes these watches perfect for you?

1. You’d like to try out a tourbillon for a reasonable price.

2. You need a reliable watch with classic style.

3. You want to add another skeleton to your collection.

Stuhrling Watch Buying Guide

We have researched all the available Stuhrling watches to bring you our top recommendations for both mens and womens watches.

We have selected the following based on a combination of popularity, ratings and uniqueness in style.

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