Swiss Legend Watches Review and Buying Guide

Three different Swiss Legend watchesSwiss Legend watches are produced by the company Swiss Watch International based out of Florida, USA.

This brand is specialized in just making watches but please note that they are NOT authentic Swiss-made watches despite the name that is obviously intended to mislead uninformed buyers. It seems these watches are most likely produced in China and sold on TV shopping channels at high markups.

Despite this rather sketchy presentation and distribution model, they are good quality watches for the price (When you buy them cheap on Amazon and not at full retail on a shopping channel that is).

The main selling point to these watches is the fact that they have a wide range of styles in at somewhat affordable prices typically ranging on average between $90 and $130. For this price, you’d have a good chance at getting better value for you money elsewhere but still may end up with a good deal.

Do keep in mind that these watches are generally very large, bulky and heavy. In fact, for some people this is a big selling point but if a large watch that stands out and grabs lots of attention isn’t your thing, then you probably want to avoid getting a Swiss Legend.

They do have other smaller styles available but that is what they are really known (and often praised) for.

Largely due to the route this company took with watch size and heft, it is a brand more targeted at men but they also have a good selection of women’s watches with a lot more variety in the smaller sizes than what’s available for men.

These interesting timepieces are not particularly suited for active wear due to their size and potential to just get in the way but their quality and style of design does make active wear use acceptable. They could also go good as day-to-day wear but are not recommended for dress or business wear.

What Makes Watches Perfect For You? (Review Summary)

1. You love a watch that is large and in charge and grabs attention.

2. You enjoy watches on the heavy side of the spectrum

3. You are fine paying a little more than you would for a watch of comparable quality

Swiss Legend Watch Buying Guide

The WatchEscort team has researched all the available Swiss Legend watches to bring you our top recommendations for both men’s and women’s watches.

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