Types of Watches You Need to Know About

Three different types of watches: gold, silver and blackWhen searching for that perfect watch it can help to explore the different types available.

We have already provided easy access to the most broad types of watches, Men’s, Women’s and Brands, in the main navigation. This page is reserved for everything else that might be of interest.

Watches exist for almost any kind of situation and style you could think of. From a rugged companion to help keep your outdoor adventure on track to a flashy, attention grabbing piece made out of fine materials that is perfect for a business meeting or night out.

Watch Escort has sifted through the entire watch market to break down every major watch type you could possibly want. Distinguishing between these different types depends on a few key factors.

1. Functionality

Watches have a wide range of functionality outside of the basic ability to keep time. Some are intended for use deep in the ocean, others for helping track key pieces of information for a hiking excursion and others still for helping you track your running workouts.

Functionality and practically can incredibly important in a watch purpose but there are also many watches designed simply for show.

2. Material

One big factor that must be considered when looking for the ideal watch type is the material its made out of.

From an expensive and exquisite gold watch to the popular and durable stainless steel to comfortable and stylish leather, we can help you find the right type for your needs.

3. Style

A large subset of the watch market is composed of watch types solely based on great style and design.

This factor sets apart watches based on certain colors, whether it is Swiss made or produced by a certain designer. Watches focused on this element tend to be much less practical and more expensive but stand out in their beauty and elegance.

Most Popular Watch Types

Below you will find a breakdown of every major type of watch on the market.

Each has it’s own dedicated page that will go into much more detail. This however will be a nice overview of the options available to you.

If we don’t have a page for the exact type of watch you are looking for, let us know and we’ll create it for you.

Gold Watches
Digital Watches
Ceramic Watches
Sport Watches
Dive Watches
Designer Watches

Gold Watches

Gold is a highly coveted material to be included in a watch. It adds a level of style and class that no other type of watch can really compare to.

There are a different styles of gold watches that range from incredibly expensive solid gold pieces, to pieces that are cheap and simply use gold colored paint. In between this range you can find the very common gold plated watches, a very thin layer of real gold, which don’t have any significant value of gold in them but provide for the desired look and finish.

A popular spin on the gold plated watch is the integration of copper into the material which creates a highly desirable rose gold color that can be found included in many beautiful watch designs.

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Digital Watches

This type of watch represents the epitome of practicality. It is by far the most common and cheap watch type available on the market.

While they may be on the cheaper side, it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily low quality. In fact these watches can be quite reliable and durable since they are not composed of complex moving parts. Some brands have also developed very stylish designs taking these once boring and plain watches to a level of style usually reserved for analog based watches.

These watches are great for their functionality of being able to track times, being easy to read and ability to set alarms but aren’t usually a great fit for your typical watch fanatic.

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Ceramic Watches

This type of watch has become much more popular in recent years due to some of the outstanding qualities of this material.

While steel and leather have been common-place in the watch market for years, new manufacturing methods and technology advances have made ceramic an excellent material for watches. The benefit this material provides is lightness (where a steel watch even with a leather strap can be relatively heavy), extreme durability and scratch resistance (it’s almost impossible to chip or scratch this material) and generally being resistant to any type of climate that may potentially damage other watch types.

Ceramic watches can be produced relatively cheaply meaning that you won’t even have to spend that much to obtain these highly desirable watch qualities.

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Sport Watches

Sport watches are great for people who are very active and need a watch that can keep up with their lifestyle.

In this sense, ‘sport’ is defined much more generally as any physical activity and not so much specifically a common sport such as basketball or baseball. Basically sport watches cover everything from runners, divers and hikers to athletes and pick-up basketball player.

Typically these watches are highly durable, generally use the digital format, can be found relatively cheap and can cater specifically to your type of sport with advanced functionalities you wouldn’t be able to find in other watches.

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Dive Watches

This type of watch specifically caters to people who regularly or occasionally dive. They can however be great for a non-diver watch enthusiast who prefers a large, solid and weighty timepiece on their wrist.

All the watches in this category can withstand typical recreational diver depths and naturally there is the widest selection available at this basic level. Typically the price will increase as a function of how deep the watch can go beyond this basic level.

Since these are designed to withstand the large amount of pressure applied by water, they are typically more durable and resistant to the elements than the average watch.

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Designer Watches

Well known fashion designers produce what are known as designer watches which tend to fall short on value but off great design and style.

These watches make up a large bulk of the watch market due to different fashion brands expanding their fashion offerings into this field. This market is then further divided between the common fashion brands and exclusive fashion brands.

Generally the quality of a designer watch is acceptable but it usually costs much more than a non-designer watch of comparable quality. This reduction in value is often outweighed by the coveted designs, styles and name brand appeal.

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