Womens Watches Review and Buying Guide

Seven different and unique womens watchesLooking to find the perfect womens watch at the best price? Watch Escort has you covered.

Buying the perfect watch for yourself or a friend can be a very difficult and time consuming feat. That’s why we have developed this resource to help you easily sort through the thousands of available womens watches.

Many factors go into the decision making process for buying a watch because they are such personal items and usually require a significant investment. No one wants to make the mistake a spending a bunch of money on a watch they won’t absolutely love.

While some people have the time to spend hours and hours researching and reading reviews, we know you don’t, so continue reading below and you’ll be given direct access to many lists of recommended watches based on exactly what type of watch you are looking for, the desired price range of that watch or the specific watch brand.

Types of Womens Watches

There is a wide range of different types of watches for women that you must be aware of to ensure that you are able to discover the exact watch that you are looking for.

These different types not only represent the style or the watch or the metal it is made out of but are also representative of the situation the watch is best used for. For example, you probably won’t want to wear the same watch running as you wore to work and you also probably won’t want to wear the same watch going out on the town as you wore at the gym

Because women generally prefer having different types of watches for different situations, it’s important to know how you plan on using this watch and buy accordingly.

The different types of womens watches can be broken down into a few main categories as shown below. Each of the links leads to an article that describes our top 10 recommendations of the best watches for that exact watch type:

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Price of Watches for Women

The prices of womens watches can also vary quite widely, most commonly from 100 dollars to 1000’s of dollars so it’s important to be able to explore your watch options for a given price range.

It’s common to search for watches under a certain dollar amount but if you can be flexible on the price, it is probably better to explore watches based on more general price levels:

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Brands of Womens Watches

Sometimes the price and type of watch aren’t as important as finding that perfect watch among one of the many womens watch brands.

While a lot of watch companies may produce both men’s and women’s watches, some are actually focused on developing the best watch possible for a particular gender.

The following list represent the top brands for women’s watches. Follow any of the links to find top 10 best women’s watch recommendations for each brand:

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help or have any recommendations for improvement!

We look forward to helping you secure the perfect watch at the best price.